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The Modern Approach to Pastel Wall Colours

Colour can change the look of a room and it's even known to positively impact your mood.

Pastel wall colours are a tried and tested look for spring; they amplify light, they can create the illusion of a more spacious interior and – crucially – remind us of ice cream shades!

The modern way to use pastels at home is to throw in an unexpected colour or two, helping you to avoid that Easter egg look.

Adding a dark shade or an earthy neutral into the mix works wonders to bring depth and an edge to your space.

We are seeing pastels used in every room from the living room to the bedroom and even on kitchen cabinets. While they might be subtle and more muted than deep, rich shades, pastels can really create an impact in your space.

From going all out with an entirely fresh colour scheme to adding in selected statement accessories, let the power of pastels inspire you to paint your walls in pastel colours.



When bold red meets the calmness of blue, we are left with this versatile hue.

Purple tones have positive effects on the mind and body, creating an uplifting energy, adding calmness to a space, and encouraging creativity and imagination.

Lilac works wells with other pastel wall colours such as mint, sherbet and rose.

Soft purples feel modern and sophisticated, ground this look by pairing them with rich mulberry and black accents.

Mix in industrial and natural elements such as concrete and wood, which contrast beautifully against pretty lilac.

All this incredible versatility means that you can tailor the shade to suit your space.

Benjamin Moore's Spring Lilac is a soothing greyish purple that captures the beautiful colour of lilacs. A perfect shade for any room, it never fails to deliver a dose of calming relaxation.

Use nature inspired colours for a soothing scheme. Hues such as lilac, have a grey undertone that can be accentuated when teamed with plum or aubergine for a calm and romantic look.



It's so easy to take a shine to this sunny shade! It's not wonder that yellow represents energy, because that is exactly what it makes you feel.

Made up of equal parts of red and green, yellow is like a soft wash of sunshine over any room and it’s particularly good as a jolly neutral for children’s rooms and kitchens.

It also works superbly as an understated accent colour to add a pop of gentle warmth to living rooms and bedrooms.

Mix with white to keep this pastel wall colour bright and looking sharp or team it with grey tones and walnut wood for a sophisticated look.

I also like pairing this yellow pastel colour with pale denim blues and light woods for a more relaxed interior.

Lemon Spirit by Dulux is a perfect shade of pale lemon to add into your pastel paint colour scheme and is guaranteed to make you smile!

Anchor pale lemon tones with a large piece of furniture, i.e a sofa in a washed blue fabric and accessorise with dusty pink patterned soft furnishings. Intensify the look with lively pops of bold primary colours.


Light blue is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness, making it an ideal choice for bedrooms.

The trick with selecting the right pastel blue paint shade is to choose one with a green undertone in it.

The green undertone will stop the blue from looking to washed out (a critique that is often mentioned about pastel colours).

I think this colour works particularly well with mauve and light pinks for pastel wall colours.

This is another great colour for nurseries because of its calming characteristics, it help your little one to unwind and relax.

Mix with light woods to elevate that serene feeling to your interior.

If you are thinking of using this pastel wall colour in a small room, I would choose either the walls or the soft furnishings in blue, don't do both as it may leave the scheme feeling a little cold.

I love DKC Louis Blue by Benjamin Moore it's a gorgeous powdery pastel blue paint colour which will work either with other pastel tones or mustard yellows and deep purple's for those who want to use brighter colours.

Through in greys, creams and natural wood tones to compliment the pale blue and bring the look together.



Pink is a light red hue and is typically associated with love and romance.

Coat your walls in this sugary bubblegum shade and then use charcoal or black as an accent colour to make the space feel more grown up.

Strategic pops of yellow will add a burst of energy and pair with a fresh green pastel wall colour for that modern Miami look.

For a mid-century style pair pastel pink and green with dark wood furniture and geometric-patterned pillows.

Team pink pastel walls with warm, earth tones to achieve a relaxed bohemian look.

I find this colour works interestingly with a matt purple or even against white marble.

Try Cotton Candy by Benjamin Moore for the perfect pastel pink colour tone to start the basis of your design from.

In an understated scheme of soft pinks, mint will bring a layer of depth. Experiment with curved lines, ribbed textured and abstract shapes for a chic and modern finish.


Pastel green is said to represent tranquility and has a calming effect, despite it making you think of toothpaste!

Mint pastel green is a combination of blue, green and white. Its intensity depends on the proportions of each component.

Soothing, invigorating and surprisingly versatile, this cool green with a gentle blue undertone provides a flexible backdrop to a range of styles and colour schemes.

Within the colour spectrum of mint green you will come across some greens that are more neon in tone or some that may have more blue in the undertone, still keeping it mint green family, but not a washed out version. Play around with a few paint samples before committing to the entire wall.

Black and white is the perfect monochrome pair for green pastel wall colours, as it keeps it modern and relevant.

A zingy shade of mint can act as the centrepiece of your room. Make sure it is an intentional and funky choice (go big or go home).

Add in plants to soften the look - green on green works divinely in interiors.

Jade Mist by Behr is a subtle yet modern pastel shade that's creates a sense of relaxation and tranquility in any room.

Team a beautiful mint green wall with patterned beige prints and clean wooden flooring with simple wooden furniture to create a fresh and modern interior.


Bright and intense peach colours promote joy and warmth and is a mixture of orange and brown hues.

This light and muted tone of orange with the elusive presence of pink, which is equally close to the colour of the apricot.

But don't let that fool you into believing that peach can't pack a punch! Pair this pastel wall colour with rose or black to make the look modern.

Using different shades of peach can make your rooms warmer, and in the bedroom will create a special comfort for lighter sleep.

Soft shades of peach with earthy undertones can make a room feel warm and grounded.

Pale peaches can pop when featured with creams and tan or can act as neutrals when paired with bolder colours.

Nearly Peach from Sherwin Williams has a neutral tone and adds balance and serenity to any space.

Peach and gold is a classic colour combination with peach lending a rich look to any room.

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I adore pastel tones so much so that I even try to wear them when possible! Which one of these was your favourite pastel wall colour?


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