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Hi and welcome to Studio Jeandré - a source of inspiration for those in search of relaxed interiors embraced with art, natural materials, and simplicity.

Studio Jeandré offers an informed view of hardwood flooring, natural fibre carpets, hand knotted rugs,

flat-weave stair runners, eco-friendly wall paints, naturally produced wallpaper and sustainable home décor.

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An interior designer, flooring specialist and colour consultant, Jeandré has been featured in publications including Elle Decoration, House Beautiful and House Builder.

She works on Studio Jeandré alongside being a freelance designer and is currently refurbishing a family village house in Cyprus.

Jeandré's love of products that are simple and honest in their design and the use of sustainable products is made clear in her blog posts.

Her belief that the objects we choose for our homes should be considered and made with natural materials, results in a of sense tranquility through simplicity.

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About Studio Jeandré

About Jeandré


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