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Flooring can be very similar to a kitchen, it’s something you will invest in and not want to change once it’s been installed. 


I've created this guide to help you navigate all the decisions that you will need to make when buying a hardwood floor.


In this 80 page guide we are going to discuss all the aspects of wood flooring, but I've prepared the guide in two phases, the first part is all about the design and less so about the technical requirements.


Topics include: Species, colour, size, grading, floor finishes, surface treatments, maintenance, the different types of parquet patterns, stair cases, entrance mats, finishing touches.


Then we cover the more technical side which includes: Engineered vs solid, subfloor types, expansion gaps, heating systems, installation, glossary.


This Ebook is about more than just choosing a floor, it's about understanding the longevity of a hardwood floor and how that needs to adapt to your lifestyle and design choices in the future. 


No physical products will be sent, this is an instant download PDF Guide

Please ask questions prior to purchasing.



A Buyers Guide To Hardwood Flooring

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