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Bright & Bold Flat-weave Stair Runners

Installing a stair runner is an ideal way to add interest, warmth and texture to your stairs, so why not make it colourful too! Roger Oates have collaborated with design firm, A Rum Fellow and released a new flat-weave stair runner collection entitled: A Journey Through Colour

They describe the collection as follows: A journey in colour, taken together. A fantasy of travel through colour escapism with a focus on structure and composition, the culmination of a two year adventure uniting two designers.

This collaboration explores global representations of colour as a form of expression, reimagining traditional weaving and embroidery techniques to find a shared creative identity, steeped in heritage.

With colour and composition at its core, this bold collection sees the introduction of a woven diamond pattern. Four designs introduce ten vibrant new hues to our heritage palette to create a contemporary collection full of energy and excitement.

I have selected a few of my favourites stair runner designs from this exciting collaboration.

1. Arta Opel:

This stair runner design is a re-working of a design called ‘Orkney (c.1994)’, traditionally designed to use up leftover yarn, giving the design a wide spectrum of colours in both vivid and pastel tones.

Sitting atop a soft neutral background, Arta Opal blends soft pastel toned dotted pairs of antique pink, catkin, olive and spring green.

This pattern gives you loads of colour tones that you can pick up in wallpaper and artwork or a great way to add a splash of colour to a white interior.

2. Kahlo Majorelle:


The base product of this stair runner collection, this bold ‘strike-through’ pattern with its structural rib background, elevates a vividly coloured stripe of diamonds.

Kahlo Majorelle displays graphical stripes in vibrant shades between the horizontal rib sections separated by a pinstripe.

The striking blue featured in this design was inspired by the colourful planting and architecture of the famous Moroccan gardens.

The jewel tones in this runner, as with the previous design, give you plenty of colour inspiration to use in other elements in the space.

3. Mila Citrine:


Inspired by A Rum Fellow’s ‘Ipala Stripe’ fabric, with the footprint of the Roger Oates classic ‘Croft’ runner, this understated border design cleverly combines multiple shades of the same colour to create a nuanced and highly textured stair runner design.

A subtle border is created where the density of colour falls and builds at the designs edge, bringing a subtle definition to the design.

Mila Citrine combines tones of fresh spring and citrus greens creating an uplifting overall colour, edged with a sophisticated border.

A zesty colour tone like this will look fresh against light stairs but I could see it used with medium to dark brown wood to create a great contrast.

4. Morella Atoll:

This stair runner design definitely makes a statement and boasts a new diamond stripe between the herringbone and contrasting rib sections with a salmon pink border.

An energetic, impactful design where patterns fuse together, framed by a striking border.

Morella Atoll, evocative of tropical waters punctuated by vibrant turquoise dots.

The colours have been cleverly combined in order to create a modern and chic flat-weave stair runner.




5. Morella Coral:


I couldn't settle on just one colour-way with the Morella stair runner designs - so here are two more!

Morella Coral features a highly patterned body of sun-baked orange and soft pink stripes, punctuated with delicate heather dots.

Contrasting rib sections are subtly mirrored on the outside edge of a magenta border.

6. Morella Neptune:

A statement making stair runner design introducing a new diamond stripe amongst herringbone and rib sections.

A design with energy and impact where patterns fuse together, framed by a striking border.

Morella Neptune reveals a body of indigo and denim stripes, punctuated with vibrant hibiscus pink dots and contrasting ribs are mirrored on the edge of a saffron border.

There are such beautiful stair runner designs to choose from in this collection - it's hard to choose my ultimate one, maybe the Morella Coral? Which is your favourite? Please do not hesitate to contact me should you want to find out more about flat-weave stair runners.


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