Wallpaper Trends: 10 Stylish Ways To Dress Your Walls

The latest inspirational wallpaper trends that will update your home and add interest to any room.

Wallpaper continues to rise in popularity with interior designers, often being referred to as 'dressings for walls'.

This year will offer a wide selection of wallpaper choices that range from traditional floral patterns to modern art deco designs.

Today’s wallpaper patterns can be mellow and subdued or bold and dramatic.



Choosing a bold yet detailed pattern such as the Odisha Dancer below, doubles up as an artistic element in the space.

Odisha Dance shows the ancient traditional Indian dance. It breathes rhythm and exuberance. This hand-painted scene has been translated to textile with a linen look.


Having a wall mural is very similar to the artistic wallpaper I mentioned above, it's like covering your wall with a huge piece of art.

There are now so many different designs for wall murals compared to a year ago - proving that they are definitely getting more popular with consumers.

I love this paradise scene that makes you want to be on the beach, watching the hummingbirds, parrots and monkeys play amongst the vegetation.

This panoramic is printed on a background with a parchment paper look for an unmatched vintage effect.


The Camber collection showed below is made from capiz, oyster-like shells that are manually coloured, cut and inlaid in geometric patterns. Capiz is a natural product; each shell is unique and differs in colour and structure.

Because of this manufacturing process, you end up with a beautiful patina to the colour and a natural sheen.


Keeping with the same manufacturing process, you can opt for a more geometric wallpaper design with striking colours.

Geometric designs do tend to be quite bold and are a perfect option for a feature wall.

Geometric wallpaper designs always feel crisp and contemporary.


Botanical prints are the leading wallpaper trend at the moment.

As with other similar patterns, they can bring a sense of nature and tranquility into the home.

They are attention-grabbing and striking in any interior.

The enlarged print of these hand-painted leaves intrigues with its simplicity and subtle finish in fine linen effect.


Dark walls and wallpaper are often dismissed because they make a space feel dark and dingy. With well placed lighting you can change the environment and still opt for a dark wall treatment for that dramatic appeal.

A good designer to take inspiration from on this is Abigail Ahern.

I love this wall called Blooming Pineapple, the tropical flowers and plants such as the South African sugar bush, leopard lily and a blooming pineapple take you on an exotic journey.


The design below is very similar to the wall mural mentioned earlier, however I feel this life size print makes you almost feel like you can walk through the arch.

This is another great example of using wallpaper as art and creating a stunning focal point in your room.

This collection is called Les Mysteres de Madagascar and described as: A unique place on earth. From canyons to beautiful pearly white beaches, this mysterious island in the Indian Ocean has an endless appeal to the imagination. Different geographic and ethnic influences characterise Madagascar. This great diversity is reflected in this coarse linen-effect panorama.


Panelling is popular in interiors and you don't need to be in a period property to enjoy this design detail as they can easily be built to add character to a plain space.

Adding a statement wallpaper in slices allows you to go bold with the colour and/or design without overwhelming the room.

This wallpaper design below shows a group of graceful flamingos.

The balanced colours in this wallpaper, combined with natural woven jute gives a calm touch to a usually flamboyant design.


This extensive range of plain wallpaper offers the perfect alternative to paint.

The pixelated like texture gives depth and a uniqueness to the pattern.

The balanced colour palettes are surprising combinations and they naturally combine perfectly with each other.

In short, plain designs are both easy to use to freshen up an existing room and this type of wallpaper can be used throughout the home.


Grasscloth and other natural made wallpapers have been around for a while, but this rattan design is bang on trend.

Rattan wallpaper will add great texture to a space and is well suited to modern interiors.

Similar to the panels mentioned earlier, you could use this wallpaper design to fill them.

I am planning on using this on the panelling on my wardrobes.

If you would like any information about the wallpaper trends featured in this article - please feel free to contact me on hello@studiojeandre.com.

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