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10 of the best neutral area rugs online under £500

Putting an area rug down is such an easy way to transform your interior. Especially if you are renting your property, a rug can hide a multitude of sins such as stains on carpets and can improve the aesthetic appeal of the room. It’s also an item that you can easily roll up and take with you when you move.

The high street and online options for area rugs have improved drastically over the past few years. Previously the offerings were mostly man made fibres with dated designs. Today it feels like you are spoilt for choice with brands such as Made, Ikea, Anthropologie and Wayfair.

neutral area rug in bedroom

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Here are 7 things to consider when buying an area rug online:

The Style of Rug

There are many different styles of rugs available such as flat-weave, tufted, shaggy and jute rugs to name a few. Even when spending less than £500, you are still investing in an interior item that will last a long time so be sure to choose one that suits your personal taste.

The Size of Rug

Measure the size of the rug in the area that you want to lay it. Mark it out with masking tape to help create a visual impression of how much space the rug will cover. Read my Rug Size Guide to select the right sized rug for your area. Remember in spaces such as the dining room, you will want to ensure that the rug is big enough to house the chairs even when they are pulled out.

Composition of Rug

What the area rug is made from is very important as it will dictate how it holds up against house hold traffic and spills. Jute is particularly hardwearing and is great for entrance hall runners. Wool is soft and hardwearing so makes for a foolproof choice for living areas and bedrooms.

Jute/Sisal/Hemp are very durable but not the softest option so they are best used for entrance halls and formal areas. These natural fibre rug don't offer the best insulation but do add great texture to an area.

Synthetic is durable, inexpensive and easy to clean. The drawback is that it doesn't have a natural feeling such as wool and jute.

Wool is probably the most popular as it is warm, soft and easy to maintain. It's slightly more expensive than synthetic options but has a much longer lifespan.

Cotton is an affordable option and a popular choice for rugs. It is very easy to clean but not as durable as it's wool and synthectic counterparts.

For more information click on my post on The Best Wall to Wall Carpets for Your Interior, where I delve further into detail about carpet and rug compositions.

Caring for Rugs

The maintenance of your rug is important to know and understand. I have included a paragraph at the end of this article discussing the care of your rug but in general regular vacuuming is required and stains can be spot cleaned with carbonated mineral water.

Pattern of Rugs

Consider what pattern or design you would on your rug. Do you prefer plain pieces in one colour, an abstract design or maybe a more intricate pattern. There are also vintage options on the market, these are new rugs that are treated to look aged and worn. These type of designs often have traditional patterns paired with modern colours.

Natural Fibre Rugs

Rugs made from natural fibres such as jute and sisal may vary in colour from the image displayed on the website. This is down to the natural variation of the product and is part of the beauty of buying a naturally made item.

Returns Agreement

Its important to read the returns agreement from the retailer, so that in the event you are not happy with rug you can return it and get a refund. Usually retailers will offer this, however you may face transport fees. Rugs can be difficult to send back to an online retailer, so ensure that you measure your area and that you are buying a rug in a material that you know and like.

Underlay for Rugs

I strongly recommend buying underlay to put under your rug to stop it slipping out of place. Especially when laying an area rug over a hardwood or laminate floor, without a non-slip underlay you will be realigning it on a daily basis. Most retailers will offer underlay but you can also buy very good underlay from amazon.

Here are my recommendations for rug underlay:

Foxi Underlay. Carpet fitters that I have worked with use this underlay when installing flat-weave stair runners to keep them in place. It’s sticky on both sides but will not cause damage to the flooring it’s laid on.

Rug & Stuff Underlay. Which is 100% latex, made of natural rubber, so it's plastic-free and environmentally friendly. Latex rug underlay is also perfect for stopping larger carpets from sliding out of place or puckering.

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Now, lets have a look at the area rugs I've curated for under £500!

neutral area rug made from hemp
neutral area rug made from hemp close up

Sankra Hemp Rug by Urbanara

90% Hemp - 10% Wool

200 x 300mm - £399

Hemp is an extremely durable natural product and is used in the production of items such as rope, textiles and shoes to name a few. It able to withstand heavy traffic from everyday life making it perfect to use in an entrance as a runner or in the living room. The hemp fibres in this rug are weaved over the jute warp to increase strength. The Sankra rug has been handwoven in India. The undeyed wool at the ends complements the hemp and makes it aesthetically pleasing.

neutral area rugs in pastel tones
neutral area rug in pastel tones close up

Vionette Rag Rug by Anthropologie

Recycled Cotton & Polyester Mix

150 x 240cm - £297

Recycled materials are used to create this boho chic inspired rug. This rug has a low pile but can still stand up to heavy daily traffic and its cotton composition makes it soft underfoot. The colour way includes pastel tones of pink, purple, green, blue and beige which will bring a pretty array of colours to your interior.

neutral area rug in muted colours
close up of neutral area rug in muted colours

Rimoldi by Made

100% Polyester

160 x 230cm - £299

This tufted rug has a combination of soft colour tones that creates an abstract watercolour design. The Rimoldi rug has a silk-like feel which makes it a pleasure to walk on. The perfect statement piece in a bedroom or living room.

neutral area rug in vintage design
neutral area rug in vintage design

Foscari Brown by Urbane Living

85% Cotton - 15% Polyester

140 x 200cm - £448

A hip, contemporary update on a traditional design. This rug is a flat-weave design with a washed look to add to the vintage feel. This traditional Venetian pattern is brought to life using naturally dyed yarns.

neutral area rug in abstract design
neutral area rug in abstract design

Pawai Rug by Urbanara

100% Wool

200 x 300cm - £429

This beautiful kelim style, flat-weave wool rug in gorgeous muted earthy tones will sit effortlessly in any interior. Handwoven in India, the warp of cotton makes up the beautiful fringing detail. Wool is extremely hardwearing and easy to care for which makes it ideal for busy households.

neutral area rug in scandi design
neutral area rug in scandi design

Varzea Rug by Made

Jute & Wool Mix

140 x 200cm - £129

This delightful jute and wool rug has enticing colours throughout. Jute is extremely hardwearing and when mixed with wool this enhances the rugs durability. Ideal for a living room or dining space. With blocks of soft Sandi neutrals and blues it will draw your eye across the room.

neutral area rug with black design
neutral area rug with black design

Black Rabat by Urbane Living

85% Cotton - 15% Wool

140 x 200cm - £448

A classic Moroccan nomad pattern is highlighted by use of hand dyed yarns. This rug has multiple layers of texture and distressed areas to give it that vintage look and feel. The Black Rabat rug has a backing of natural anti-slip latex which helps keep the rug in place.

neutral area rug by Wayfair
neutral area rug by Wayfair

Larchwood Rug by Wayfair

100% Jute

152 x 244cm - £164

With gentle colour tones and a muted design this area rug is ideal for any room in the home. Adding a sophisticated and timeless element without overwhelming the existing home décor. This rugs feels soft and cosy underfoot thanks to it's chunky weave makes it durable and easy to maintain.

neutral area rug in pastel tones
neutral area rug in pastel tones

Orwell Abstract Rug by Anthropologie

100% Polypropylene

152 x 243cm - £296

This divine abstract rug that gives a nod to the Art Deco style and has sublime pastel tones with touches of beige hues throughout. Made from polypropylene it is extremely durable and suitable for high traffic areas.

neutral area rug made from sisal
neutral area rug made from sisal

Kiara Rug by Wayfair

100% Jute

244 x 305cm - £286

This hand braided jute rug looks lovely layered over a hardwood floor. The natural colourway consists of earthy sand, tan and ivory tones. This rug will add character and texture to any room in the home and is a superb way to freshen up your interior.

Caring for your new rug

New rugs tend to shed in the beginning, don’t be alarmed by this, it’s simply a new product that is ‘settling’. Vacuum your rug regularly in the same direction, not back and forth as you do on wall to wall carpet. Rotate the area rug every few months to avoid uneven fading and wear.

Sometimes, especially with wool rugs, there might be a slight smell when you unpack it. This usually fades in a short space of time.

Be careful when placing furniture on your rug that there are no sharp edges which may cause damage to the rug.

You can find furniture protection pads here that can be adhered to your furniture legs to help protect your area rug, these are hand for wood floors too.

I hope you have found this article informative and if you would like further advice on choosing a rug for your interior, feel free to contact me on


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