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5 Gorgeous Outdoor Patio Design Ideas to Inspire You

Outdoor patio's are a great use of space for relaxing and entertaining during the summer months. The onset of warmer weather tends to shift our attention from interior design projects to our outdoor spaces, get ready to give your backyard a makeover with our outdoor patio design ideas.

1. Natural Elements:


Mix materials that have texture to create a natural space outdoors and use textiles such as linen, cotton, wood, rattan and jute, keep the colours muted to create a relaxed outdoor patio idea.

Adding texture with plants, baskets and seagrass placemats will maximise the connection to nature, resulting in an outdoor patio you will want to hang out in.

2. Modern Patio Ideas:


For a modern patio idea use bold colours and materials such as metal and stone, but keep the look paired back and clean by injecting pops of colours in accessories to create an ultra cool outdoor patio.

Keep the furniture choices to designs with a minimal and sleek feel, using black or dark colours in furniture is very popular for a modern patio style.

Modern style patio ideas often have a fire pit, if you have space in your backyard for a fire pit, I would recommend implementing one into your space as they are great for socialising around.

3. Boho Style:


Tranquility is the key word for this patio design idea, achieve this by making your main colour selection soft neutrals in blush pinks and ecru whites, add in stronger tones such as oranges and turquoise for contrast.

Make use of materials such as rattan, wicker and cotton tasseling on soft furnishings such as cushion covers and throws to bring this outdoor patio idea look together, add in a fun element like a swing chair to the ultimate chill zone.

4. Elegant Patio Ideas:


An elegant patio scheme can be a hard one to get right as its formal and relaxed at the same time, the key to a successful design is to create an element of luxury next to the poolside, think 5 star hotel vibes.

Incorporate stripes, white, navy and natural wood to achieve this outdoor patio idea, keep the scheme neutral and focus on the quality of the materials, utilise home decor luxuries such as a drinks trolley and sun loungers with plenty of space to stretch out on.




5. Rustic Country Patios:


A rustic country outdoor scheme is a very earthy, natural style with rustic elements and creates a relaxed space, ideal for families or those looking to create a country escape in their garden.

Use of combination of natural woods, linen material in fresh tones such as light blue and sage green when decorating your outdoor patio.

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Image by Living ETC

Which one of these outdoor patio ideas are your favourite, mine is definitely the natural patio idea and I will definitely be squeezing as much of that scheme as I can on to my small balcony this summer!

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