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The sawn cut effect consists in making small perpendicular cuts to the plank as if they were made by a hand saw.

Each plank is cut irregularly with a band saw enhancing its thickness and the irregular grooves of the cut. 

Cotton Sawn Oak Cut is constructed on a 3-layer engineered board, built to last a lifetime.

The structure of three crossover layers of real wood guarantees exceptional stability over time, making it suitable for under floor heating.

Real wood enhances both the visible top layer and the quality counterbalancing layer, ensuring great strength.

Product is for sample only - International shipping available.

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Cotton Sawn Oak

  • Structure: 3 Layer Engineered
    Thickness: 15/5mm/20/5mm
    Width: 240mm/290mm
    Lengths: 1800 - 2800mm
    Grades: Nature/ Rustic
    Surface: Brushed, Stained, Sawn Cut
    Finish: Matt Lacquer
    Bevel: Microbevel on 4 sides
    Profile: Tongue & Groove



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